Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Addendum to "Want a Good Laugh?"

Remember how, a while back, we ate, then drank bath salts?
Well, here's an addendum to that story.  I finally cleaned out my bag, and found this note in the bottom of my bag.  Sister Nomura must have given it to me with the gift, but I never saw it.  Oh, how helpful it would have been to see the note at the time.  It would have given the clue we needed that those delicious-looking tablets were bath salts, not giant sweet tarts:
I really need to clean out my bag more often!!


Pam said...

Hilarious! Oh, the value of the written word!

Joan Morris said...

That is funny! Thanks for the update.

sara cardon said...

Ha ha! Darn it! At least you know with complete certainty that she wasn't trying to poison you, and that Japanese sweet tarts may still be amazing to the taste...and if you do come across the edible kind, please let us know if they taste like bath salts! ;)