Wednesday, May 17, 2017

My Mother's Up There Pulling Strings- and Not Just Harp Strings

When I was young, I took piano lessons.  I was not a very diligent student.  I, more often than not, just played "Spinning Song" over and over again to fill up my half-hour practice time each morning at 6:00am.  But my mother was determined I learn how to play the piano.  She tried to motivate me by promising me that she would buy me a harp if I could get good enough to play the organ in church.  Well, I didn't really want a harp, so it didn't motivate me much. 

As an adult, I had the opportunity to play the piano for the primary and I got a little better then.  Then, I taught private vocal lessons in my home.  After my children got older, I built that business so that I felt that we needed to do recitals.  That meant that I had to play the piano well enough to accompany my students for those recitals.  For each recital, I practiced and practiced and practiced.  I put in hours of practice.  And a miracle started to happen:  I got pretty good.  Not great, but pretty good.  And I kept practicing, and poco a poco, little by little, I got better and better.  I was finally practicing the way my mama always hoped I would.  But, still, I could not or did not play the organ for church. 
Then we were called on a mission to Japan.  I was asked to share the responsibility of playing the little keyboard/organ for sacrament meeting.  And so now, every other week, I am playing the organ for church- just like my mother always dreamed I would.  I think she's up in heaven, pulling some strings, helping me to do this.  Her dream is not just fulfilled in me, either.  My older sister, Patty plays the organ in the Payson temple, and my younger sister, Joan plays the organ for sacrament meeting regularly in her ward in Boise.  And mom . .. well, she's up there playing that harp I was supposed to get.  And that's just the way it should be!  I love you, Mom.  Thanks for the encouragement!


Pam said...

Oh, Kay, I LOVE this! It is so well written and so true! You also have been a huge boost to your branch in Japan with your playing; I have so enjoyed hearing you play for your choir on your recordings on your blog. Isn't it amazing how parents plant the good seeds, but every kid has to learn it for himself. Mom must be beaming with pride and happiness, listening to her daughters play!

Joan Morris said...

You are such a cute writer. I love this. I never heard the harp story. Mom never promised me one. I guess I'll get one in heaven too.