Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tsuruoka Eikaiwa Easter Party

When we first arrived here a year-and-a-half ago, our branch President asked us to be in charge of the "American parties" at English class.  I am not all sorry to say that this Easter party was our last.  Some "lasts" are and will be hard.  This is not one of them.  Hosting parties is not my forte.  But, I think we've done okay with the assignment. The idea of the parties is to teach them a little bit about American culture and to have fun together.  Japanese people know very little about Easter.  Very little.  We wanted them to experience coloring eggs.  They are fascinated with anything colored (frosting, etc.)  It is difficult to find food coloring and it only comes in a powdered form.  The usual liquid way of dying eggs would be difficult in this type of setting, so I googled it and found you could do it with rice.  You just put some rice in an enclosed container with the food coloring.  Since ours was powder, we added some vinegar.  It worked really well and the people really enjoyed doing it. 

We made saran wrap candy balls to unwrap.  While one person unwrapped, another threw dice to get doubles.  When they got doubles, it was their turn to unwrap.  It was really fun and everyone got at least a little bit of candy or a prize.   
This is actually the ball we made for the Sakata party- but the Tsuruoka one was just like it.

We then played old-fashioned musical chairs.

The little girl was the winner (mostly because the older one let her win.)
I didn't get pictures, but we also played Pictionary/Charades with Easter words.  We had refreshments . . .
And colored more eggs.  Everyone really liked this activity.

Again, I didn't take a picture, but we also showed a church Easter video.  It was a fun, successful Easter party.  As you'll see in an upcoming post (foreshadowing here,) this was NOT our last party.  Because of an unfortunate event, we still have one more Easter party to do in Sakata . . . and then we will be done.  Not sad.


Michelle said...

I might have to try the rice method. Coloring eggs the traditional way is super stressful with toddlers around! Remind me next year to try the rice way.
I want to to come to your parties! They look so fun! But I understand but it is a crazy amount of work to get ready for them. They're lucky to have you.

Pam said...

The colored eggs are prettier with more intense color than with the liquid coloring - I believe you're onto something! Great ideas for games - they will really miss your parties!

Joan Morris said...

You are the bomb party planner! The Easter party looks like so much fun and I think when you get back to the states you should start importing Easter egg dye to the Japanese people and make a million.

sara cardon said...

I'm with Michelle! The rice way of dyeing Easter eggs looks like far more fun, and way less messy! Oh! I dread coloring eggs because of all the spills and drips! What a great party.